How does it work?

  1. Shop
    Browse through our collection of garments. Click on the day you require the garment by. You will be able to click the 'Book Now' option if it's available. Complete the simple checkout process choosing your preferred shipping option (residential or rural), or pick up.
  2. Wear
    Once you receive your order, on the day of your event, wear and look stunning in your chosen garment! (If you require the garment by a specific time, please let us know, so we can determine delivery)!
  3. Return
    On the next business day after your event you can either drop your garment off or post back - using the bag and prepaid label provided. No need to clean, we will take care of that for you. Just don't be late as fees do apply.

You will only be able to choose one single day on the calendar, so please select the day for when you require the garment. You should receive your garment the day of your booking date to 1-3 days prior. If you require your garment for more then one night through Monday-Thursday, please contact us to organise an extension.

How do I know If the dress I want to book is available for my event?

Please refer to the allocated calendar found on the garments page. Each garment has its own specific booking calendar. If you can click on your chosen date and are able to "Book Now" that date will be available.

When should I place my order?

Postal orders should be made at least 5 full business days prior your booking date for residential addresses or 7 full business days for rural addresses. (Please note orders for rural addresses usually take days longer to arrive).
Please still select the day you will wearing the garment. Extensions must be organised around this.
E.G: For a residential shipping address, if you require your garment for Saturday 17th, your order should be placed by the Monday morning of the 12th – please still select the 17th on the calendar but be sure your order is placed 5 days beforehand.
This simply ensures enough time for delivery and is less of a risk for our customers. Either your order will arrive on time, or you will be eligible for a refund (minus 50% of shipping costs, should the condition of our returns be met).
Local/pick up orders can usually be placed up until the day of.
It will be at your own risk if you place a postal order outside of these shipping timeframes, Wardrobe Collective will not take responsibility or offer any type of compensation if your order doesn't arrive on time.

I don’t like my dress and it doesn’t fit right. Can I get a refund?

Refunds will not be issued if the garment doesn’t fit. We offer in house try ons – we are based in Stratford, Taranaki. Alternatively, you can arrange a postal try on. Ideally, we recommend booking a postal try on the Monday prior your event and if does not fit you will be entitled to a partial refund, so long as the garment is returned in same the condition and is sent back within the allocated timeframe. (Check our postal try on section on our terms and conditions page for more information).
Please read the garments description and do some extra research online about the manufactures style, design and fit. If you have any question, please contact us – we are more then happy to help and can send through specific measurements or photos.

What is your refund policy?

Wardrobe Collective has a 24-hour refund policy, which means you must cancel your order within 24 hours of placement to be eligible for a refund. Circumstances where refunds will not be offered include but are not limited to; cancellation after 24 hours, if the garment has left the building - picked up or posted, the incorrect shipping option selected, change of mind, if you do not like the garments style in person, the way the garment looks due to general wear and tear, if an order is placed incorrectly, if it doesn’t fit or if the garment is not worn. Please be sure to read the description of the garment, research the manufacturer's style and fit or message us if you have any questions about the garment before placing your order.
If orders are cancelled within 24 hours of placement but 7 days prior your booking date, shipping fees may not be refunded. 
After 24 hours of your order being placed, refunds will not ever be offered unless we have been at fault. Please take special note of this before hiring a garment from Wardrobe Collective.
Please check our store credit section, you may eligible.
Refunds will be issued by the original payment method used and may take several days to be processed. If the original payment fails, we will reach out and ask for your personal bank details.
Transaction and third party fees will not be refunded.


What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy exists 24 hours after you have placed your order. If you cancel your order within 24 hours of placement, you may choose between a refund or store credit. 
If 24 hours has surpassed since placing your order and the garment has not already been sent or taken away from our premises, store credit will be issued.
If orders are cancelled after 24 hours of placement but 7 days prior your booking date, shipping fees may not be credited.
If your order has already been shipped, you will not be eligible for store credit. Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your order, so we can halt the shipment of your order.
Any order that is placed incorrectly or that has failed to be updated in a timely manner, will be cancelled and credited.
Transaction and third party fees will not be credited.

What customers should expect in case of a write off.

If garments are returned with little to excessive piling, pulls, holes, stains/marks, or laddering, we are likely to charge it as a write off.

In cases of a write off, the garment will be charged at 100-150% of its original retail price, dependent on its rarity or if it’s a discontinued item. This price is listed on every garment page for customers to read before booking.

Should such circumstance effect another customer’s order/s (resulting in cancellation), you will be charged the rehire fee/s.

Cleaning is not included in the case of a write off. Garments will be returned to the customer in the same condition that they were returned to Wardrobe Collective in.

Where a payment plan is not arranged, rejected, or dishonored a $30.00 fee will be added to the invoice automatically, should that invoice remain unpaid three weeks from the invoice date. The invoice must be paid in full to void this fee.

Payment plans must be organized from the first notification that an invoice is pending/outstanding, not weeks after. Wardrobe Collective will email and text through invoices.

Payment plans will be rejected if the invoice amount does not exceed the order amount. When a payment plan is accepted, that weekly payment amount mustn’t be any less then that of the order amount. Payment plans may be accepted over a number of weeks, not months.

Wardrobe Collective refuses the right to serve any customers at any given time. Any order placed by an outstanding debtor will be cancelled and that orders monies put toward the debt owed.

Fees will be charged in the form of an invoice; all invoices are due within 7 days of the invoice date.

2.5% interest will be charged on all overdue accounts per month.

In cases of non-payment, your invoice will be lodged with a debt collection agency, disputes tribunal or solicitor. All associated expenses, costs and disbursements incurred while recovering any outstanding monies shall be paid by the customer.

Do you offer postal try ons?

Yes, Wardrobe Collective offers postal try ons for a rate of 50% of the garments hire cost + shipping. Postal try ons must be organised prior booking, please message us first. 
After confirmation, you may book as usual following the checkout prompts. You will pay the full amount of the hire cost and will be refunded the remaining amount when we’ve received the garment back. You can read more about how we run our postal try ons in our terms and conditions. But, importantly, if the garment isn't returned within the allocated timeframe, kept over a weekend, or isn’t returned in the same condition it was sent in a refund will not be possible. Please do not book a postal try on if you cannot agree to risk or meet our terms.

How do I book an in store try on appointment?

You can book a try on via the “Try Ons” button found on our website or "Book Now" button on our Instagram page. Simply select a day and time available for when best suits you. Our appointments run for 25 minutes strictly. 
A $20.00 fee will only be charged in the case of cancellation, rescheduling or no shows - no exceptions.
Please take care choosing an appointment time as we cannot reschedule without charging our cancellation fee. 

My event date has changed, can I postpone my hire date?

If the garment has not left our premises, we can postpone your hire date so long as it's still available over that period. Alternatively, you can book another garment that is available or hold the amount paid in store credit.

My event has been affected by Covid, can I please get a refund?

If your event has been cancelled due to Covid-19 and 24 hours has surpassed since you made the booking a refund will not be offered. Store credit will be issued in the form of an e-gift card or personalised discount code - so long as the item has not yet been shipped. If your item has been shipped see our covid section on our rental agreement page.

When do I need to return my dress?

Wardrobe Collective NZ’s standard hire period is 1-3 days. If you hire a garment through Monday-Thursday, it must be returned the very next day. Orders booked on Friday or over the weekend must be returned the next business day, this is usually Monday. If you fail to return your garment by its due back date, a $25.00 late fee will be charged daily until it is back on our premises or scanned in by NZ Post. Please take note of the return date specified on the "take care" card that accompanies your garment. 

What is you returns address?

Wardrobe Collective has two different return addresses. 

Please POST your garment/s back to:
Alex Preston
Wardrobe Collective NZ
19 Olivia Street
Stratford, 4332

Please follow our specific instruction located in your order confirmation email and DROP your garment/s off to:
3 Orlando Street

Where do I pick up and drop off my dress?

You may pick and drop off your dress at 3 Orlando Street, Stratford. If nobody appears home, please leave inside the drop box – instructions will be provided in your order confirmation email. Please do not leave your garment anywhere else, you are liable for the garments safe return.

When can I pick my dress up?

Please contact us with a time that will suit for pick up. You can leave a message in the notes box at the checkout, via Instagram, Facebook, or email. If we don’t we hear from you, you will hear from us.

I spilt something on my dress, should I try cleaning it?

No, please do not try to clean your garment. In house cleaning fees are included in the rental cost. If the garment has been cleaned and a stain remains, a dry-cleaning fee will be charged. This may vary in price depending on the severity of cleaning required. If the garment remains compromised after dry cleaning you will be charged for the clearing, the original retail price of the garment and the possibility of an administration fee.  

What happens if I damage the garment?

If you damage a garment, you are liable to pay for repair costs. Prices can vary greatly depending on the severity of damage. If the garment is deemed irreparable, you will be charged 100-150% of the garments original purchase price. We will not repair the garment if its integrity or style is changed significantly. It will be up to us to determine what we decide to do with the garment. So please take care whilst the garment is in your care.

The RRP is listed on each garments description, take note of this prior purchasing.

My garment has a fault not as described, what now?

Please inspect and try on the garment upon delivery/pick up. If the garment has any significant faults not as described, you must let us know the same day of its receipt, sending through photographic evidence. If we deem it unwearable, it must then be returned within 24 hours of its receipt for you to be eligible for any form of reimbursement. 
We ask that you are prompt with the return, failure to do so, you will not qualify for reimbursement.
Alternatively, we may offer a partial refund in turn you still wear the garment, this will be at our discretion. 
Garments are cleaned after each use or as necessary, steamed, ironed, quality checked, and photographed prior every order, however, though rarely, we may miss faults. We will do our best to remedy the situation but, please note refunds or store credit will not be issued if you do not like the garments style in person, the way garment looks due to general wear and tear or if it doesn’t fit. Please be sure to read the garments description, research the manufacturers style and fit or message us if you have any questions about the garment before placing your order, we are happy to send through pictures of its condition or more precise measurements. If you decide to keep the garment over the hire period or fail to return after notifying us of any faults, you will not be refunded.

How does Afterpay work?

Afterpay is a third-party payment provider that allows you to purchase now and spread the total cost over an 8 week period of 4 fortnightly interest-free automatic payments. If the automatic payment is not met, customers pay a $10 late fee, plus an additional $7 if the payment is not current after seven days. 
Any order that requires cancellation will incur a $5.00 NZD service fee off the refund/credit total.

How does Laybuy work?

LayBuy is a third-party payment provider that lets you receive your purchase now and spread the total cost over 6 weekly automatic payments. Always interest-free. If the automatic payment is not met, $10 NZD may be charged in respect of each payment you fail to make on time. Any payment default may also result in our debt collection service contacting you and/or your credit score being affected.
Any order that requires cancellation will incur a $5.00 NZD service fee off the refund/credit total.

How does Paypal work?

Paypal is a third-party online payment system, where you can send and receive money safely. Payments made via Paypal incur transaction fees, this is not passed on to the buyer, but it is passed on to the seller.
Any order that requires cancellation will incur a $5.00 NZD service fee off the refund/credit total.

My garment hasn't arrived. 

If the garment did simply not arrive in time for your event, and your order was placed within our recommended shipping timeframes, you will be refunded in full, minus 50% of shipping costs, so long as our late arrival terms are met. 
It will be at your own risk if you place an order outside of our recommended shipping timeframes and Wardrobe Collective will not take responsibility if your order doesn't arrive on time.

Can I post back a picked-up order?

Yes, but only if this has been arranged before booking. It is expected that you return on the next business day after your event, purchasing overnight shipping. If you do not follow our return instructions, fees will apply accordingly.

Is it okay if I return my weekend order on Tuesday?

No, please make sure you return your item on the next business day after your event or you will be charged $25.00 per day until the item is returned.
If you know you won’t be able to return the garment on time, either let us know so we can arrange an extension or simply do not hire the garment. The extension fee is $10.00 per day – available for one to three extra days. This product can be added to your cart, once you have received confirmation from us, see here: https://wardrobecollective.co.nz/products/extension-fee. 
Simply multiply this item by how many extra days you will need the garment for (available for up to 3 days). If a garment is needed for longer than 3 days, a back-to-back booking is required – subject to availability.
This is a cost-effective method over paying late fees, we encourage to arrange an extension. 

Can I extend my hire period?

Yes, the extension fee is $10.00 per day, per garment, available for one to three extra days, subject to availability. Please contact us for confirmation prior purchase.

I don’t really think I should have to pay for a late fee, it costs too much.

Late fees are put place to stop customers from returning garments back late. It is essential garments are returned on their specified day, to ensure other customers don’t miss out.
By using Wardrobe Collective NZ’s services, you agree and are bound by the terms and conditions. If you do not comply or agree, you may not use our services. 
If fees remain unpaid the matter will passed on to our debt collection agency. Meanwhile, you may not use Wardrobe Collectives services. Should you place an order, it will be cancelled, and the payment received from that order will be put toward the unpaid debt. If we suspect an order has been placed in a way of trying to avoid paying the debt, Wardrobe Collective reserves the right to cancel that order and put its payment toward the unsettled debt.